Stephanie Curtis

Certified Sexologist, Sexuality Educator and Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Guide 

Stephanie is a Sexologist with a passion for everything related to sex, love & relationships. With a background in mental health nursing and extensive studies in sexual health, Stephanie brings a range of unique life experiences along with a wealth of knowledge to empower others to become sexually empowered and fulfilled beings who embrace pleasure as their birthright. Through her work, Stephanie hopes to inspire greater openness when it comes to the conversations around sex-placing a strong emphasis on self-love and self-acceptance.


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Taboo, Fetish & The Darker Side of Sex Podcast Episode

In this episode of Authentic Sex, Stephanie speaks to Juliet Allen about taboo sex acts, fetishes and owning the darker side of our sexuality. This episode explores different role play scenarios, extreme sexual activities, water sports, fisting, owning the predator and the primal side of sex … plus so much more.   To access podcast … Continue reading Taboo, Fetish & The Darker Side of Sex Podcast Episode

How To Have A Threesome, Foursome or Moresome…

Sexual fantasies involving multiple people are one of the most common fantasies for both men and women. I used to believe that only few people ever ventured into group sex territory and that it was a thing that happened behind closed doors at the end of a dark alley way-guarded by vicious werewolves of course.  I … Continue reading How To Have A Threesome, Foursome or Moresome…

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