Coaching Sessions

Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching 

SLR Coaching is perfect for men and women who desire for greater passion, pleasure and satisfaction in their lives. As a Sexologist with a background in mental health nursing, what I offer in each session is an opportunity to share your deepest desires whilst being given tools, tips and tricks to have them all (and more!!)

 People who may be drawn to work with me;

 Men with:

-Performance anxiety

-Body image issues

-Sexual “dysfunctions”

-Lack of sexual confidence

 Women with:

-Body image issues/disembodiment

-Low sexual desire

-Unsatisfying sex lives

Men and women, single or in relationship, who feel that more is possible when it comes to sex but don’t know how to get there!

Exploration in the realms of sex, love & relationship is a life-long journey that is constantly evolving. I believe it to be such an important journey to take for all people if they want to have a life filled with greater love, joy and pleasure.

Unlike much of the personal development approaches that tell you something about you needs to change or be fixed, I whole heartedly believe that all that you are is perfect right now. With that in mind, I also know that there exists such incredible potential to have a life where you feel deeply in love with yourself, a life where pleasure, passion and sexual fulfilment in your relationships are not just concepts but an everyday reality.

I warmly invite you to journey with me as you discover a new way of being with yourself and your sexuality. If you feel called to work with me, I would love to hear from you. Contact Me 

Sessions are 60 mins in length, available online via Zoom or telephone. Discount of 10% applies when 4 or more sessions are booked.