A Celebration of LOVE, PLEASURE and SPIRIT
EROS FESTIVAL is a coming together of like minded, like hearted Souls. An opportunity to gather, learn, celebrate, dance and grow in sacred community under one roof.

The realms of conscious relationship and sacred sexuality are the new frontier in many people’s personal life and spiritual practice.

These crucial areas of our human experience not only offer us direct access to our own personal empowerment, they provide a basis from where we can create a deep, healthy and beautiful connection with others, thus creating a world built on love.

In the spirit of communal discovery, EROS FESTIVAL provides a safely held container where together we can explore the deeper aspects of our selves and bring that into connection with each other from a place of fullness, freedom and empowerment.

The festival consists of:
Friday night – Opening Ceremony, sensual entertainment and dance
Saturday – three streams of concurrent workshops
Saturday night – An evening packed full of connection, dance and entertainment and much much more.

Our hearts, minds and bodies will be expanded and tantalised with workshops facilitated by local, national and international experts in the fields of Conscious Relationships, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism, BDSM/Kink, and much much more.

For more information including the list of presenters & workshops on offer, visit

Tickets available for purchase here


~Sex, Love & Connection-Women’s Circle Sydney 

Beautiful Women!

Do you yearn for connection with other women? Are you feeling unsupported in certain areas of your life? Do you know deep inside that greater freedom, joy and pleasure exists in your relationships and your sexuality but don’t know how to “get there”?

Over the years I have spent on my self-empowerment journey, I have found the love and support of women coming together in circle to be one of the most valuable and richest experiences in my life. The potential for growth and expansion in every area of our lives is amplified when we can come together to share our deepest vulnerabilities in a safe and totally accepting space with other women.

I am so blessed to live in a time where this is being remembered, with countless women across the world creating spaces for other women to come together and share their wisdom with one another.

Bringing my qualification as a Sexologist, the emphasis of this circle will be on Sex, Love and Relationships.

I personally have brought about incredible changes in my life through diving into the depths of my sexuality and relationship with myself & others. I have seen it so many times where women have the courage to explore those “taboo” aspects of their lives and end up finding the greatest joy & healing in this place.

What obstacles are you hitting up against in your current relationship? Where is their room for improvement for greater love for yourself as a single woman? Where in your sexuality do you deny pleasure and what do you need to do in order to move through it?

These are just a few of questions that will be brought into the space. I invite you to come along if you feel a calling to a more pleasurable, connected and joyful life full of fulfilling connections and greater self-love.

Though this will be facilitated at times, this circle is a co-creation of all the women who come along, the richness in the circle coming from what each woman has to offer. I invite you to bring your most authentic self, whatever that looks or feels like.

Delicious snacks & tea will be on offer. Alcohol & Drug Free.
Tickets: $25 Pre-Sale Only Available here

Facebook event page here


~RISE Forum-Relationship, Intimacy, Sexuality Education for young people. 

A free event for parents and their teenage children to discuss their desires for relationship & sexuality education. Come along and join this conversation between parents, young people and educators to co-create comprehensive and positive education for young people in the areas of relationships and sexuality. More details to come