Bodywork Sessions


A journey of sensory delight and pleasure where you will be opened to a new way of connecting to your body and your sexuality through the wonder of your senses.


The Sensual Sensory Experience is a 90-minute session where we will go on a journey exploring the senses of taste, touch, smell and sound. It is a full body experience which can include elemental full body touch and Tantric massage of the Lingham or Yoni (genitals for men & women).

Throughout these sessions, people can experience profound feelings of bliss, love and pleasure as well as cathartic release and deep connection to the body. A session is perfect for those who are seeking a beautiful, connected and loving experience of touch, healing and self-exploration.


Those who may be drawn to a session with me include:

-Men and women with sexual insecurities, “dysfunctions” or general lack of sexual confidence

-Men and women who are seeking support when it comes to their sexuality with themselves and with others

-Men and women who are seeking a pleasurable full body experience

-Men and women who are desiring for more connection in their lives

-Men and women who know that more is possible when it comes to pleasure & intimacy


Every session includes an initial check in to establish boundaries and an explanation of some basic but profound communication skills for you to incorporate throughout the session and throughout your life.

A 90 minute session costs $300AUD. To book a session, please click here

Currently available for sessions in the Sydney & the Byron Bay Shire.


Client Testimonials- 

“Thank you Stephanie for an amazing 3 hour bodywork session and sensory experience. I don’t think I have experienced such intense pleasure in my body. The intentions that we set beforehand allowed me to drop into an almost ritual-like space and allowed me to honour my body in a way that I rarely open the door to. It has given me a fresh perspective on my body’s infinite wisdom and the pleasure it can offer me if I listen to and grant it what it needs. As a sensualist, I particularly enjoyed the sensory journey you took me on and left me with so much gratitude and love for this body that I don’t give anywhere near enough credit for.” -Oliver 


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