Tantra Sessions

What is Tantra and how can you benefit from it? 

Tantra is an ancient philosophy dating back over 3000 years ago, with multiple practices and ways of living it through different lineages. Tantra is about seeing the sacred in everything, about bringing acceptance and love for every aspect of the human experience. Living a Tantric life includes shining a light on all parts of oneself, seeing that every being is whole and complete as they are, made up of the Divine Masculine (Shiva) and the Divine Feminine (Shakti). In the western world, Tantra is often associated with sex and this is because, unlike Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, it is one of the only philosophies that is inclusive of human sexuality.

Each person coming to explore Tantra has had such a unique set of life experiences therefore Tantra can benefit a person in such different ways. Tantra can open a person up to experiencing greater pleasure in their body, deeper connection to themselves and to their loved ones and feelings of oneness and connection to something greater (God, The Divine, Spirit). Discovering Tantra can be the beginning of a whole new way of seeing yourself and the world around you.




Learn how to give a Tantric Massage 

Tantric Massage is a journey of sensory delight and pleasure where you will be opened to a new way of connecting to your body, your sexuality and your sexual pleasure through touch, breath, emotional expression, energy movement and sounding. 

A Tantric Massage is a full body experience to awaken your potent life force, leaving you with a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. Receiving a Tantric Massage is a unique experience which can include elemental full body touch and massage of the Lingham or Yoni (genitals for men & women).

Learning the art of Tantric Massage is a beautiful thing to gift yourself and your loved one. It is a highly transformational experience to be a part of and can lead to greater connection between you both and a more passionate and pleasure-filled sexual life.

Throughout these sessions, both the giver and receiver can experience profound feelings of bliss, love and pleasure as well as cathartic release and deep connection to the body. Learning the art of Tantric Massage is perfect for those who are seeking to give a beautiful, connected and loving experience of touch, healing and self-exploration to another.

Sessions are 1 hours at a cost of $150AUD. To book a session, please click here

Currently available for online sessions worldwide or in-person sessions in the Sydney & the Byron Bay Shire.

Stephanie Session

(Disclaimer: These sessions do not include touch and do not qualify people to offer or teach Tantric massage in a professional capacity)


Tantra 101 Online Session

Looking for some guidance so that you can find out what Tantra is all about? Maybe you have a partner or special someone you want to explore Tantra with but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you want to find out what Tantra has to offer you as a single person? A Tantra 101 session is perfect for those wanting to learn some skills and exercises to incorporate into their lives so that they can explore the beautiful thing that is Tantra for themselves.

Sessions are 60 minutes at a cost of $140AUD. To book a session, please click here