Women’s Intimacy & Sexuality Sessions

The Sensual Self Program for Women

~Are you desiring for more pleasure in your life?

~Do you have a longing for deeper love and connection to yourself & to others?

~Do you innately know that more awaits you when it comes to sex, love & relationships but don’t know how to have it?

I know that there exists such incredible potential to have a life where you feel deeply in love with yourself, a life where pleasure, passion and sexual fulfilment are not just concepts but an everyday reality. I warmly invite you to journey with me as you discover a beautiful new way of being with yourself.

The Sensual Self program is a journey of self-discovery and reclamation of the most precious relationship of all-the one with yourself. Through 1:1 guidance sessions & take home exercises, you will learn tools & skills to be an embodied, juicy & radiant woman who honours and loves all parts of herself.

Topics we will cover:

~Reclaiming Innocence: Nurturing the needs & desires of our inner child is crucial if we are to create a pleasurable life for ourselves. Learn how to access your natural curiosity for life & your body and how to connect to your erotic innocence.

~Boundaries & Taking Care of the Self: Safety is the foundation for healthy exploration with our sensuality & sexuality. We will explore the ways you can keep your self safe & supported in life through communication and embodiment tools.

~The Body & Pleasure: Our bodies are a magnificent source of wisdom & pleasure that, in this day & age of mind glorification, are far too often overlooked. We will explore the relationship to your body & how crucial this is for your overall wellbeing.

~Embodying Your Sexuality & Sensuality: Our sensuality is naturally flourishing, wanting to be expressed in all areas of our lives. We will explore the connection with your sensuality & sexuality and how this affects every area of your life.

~Relationship Foundations: Relationships are such an integral part of our lives yet many of us were not taught how to create & maintain healthy ones. We will explore the realms of conscious relating & how this relates to your current relational experiences.

~Integration: It is one thing to know how to live a juicy, pleasurable life but how to we actually integrate that knowing into our everyday lives? We will explore the ways to nurture and support the seeds that have been planted on your journey

The program includes 8x 1hr Weekly guidance sessions, 8x Weekly check ins via email plus availability for extra support as required.

The cost of this 8 week program is $1600AUD. Payment plans are available on request. 

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For those wishing to dive into specific aspects of their sexuality or relationships, I offer 1:1 Online Guidance Sessions via Zoom or Skype. I work with people who:

-Are facing challenges with sex such as sexual “dysfunctions”, pain during intercourse, lack of sexual enjoyment, difficulty or inability to orgasm.

-Have body image issues, a lack of confidence in the bedroom or challenges attracting in an ideal partner

-Are facing challenges in their relationship such as desire discrepancies (wanting sex more or less than their partner), difficulty communicating their needs and desires to their partner or lack of sexual interest

-Are simply desiring for more when it comes to intimacy, sex & relationships but don’t know how to get there

The cost of a single one hour session is $150AUD or $600AUD for 4x 1hr sessions

For single sessions, enquire here